How to use our software?

How to use our software?

Do you wonder how to use our software? Here is a step by step instruction!

A lot of people wonder how hard it can be to get some additional currency to their favorite game. Well, to be honest it isn’t difficult and most of people can do it by yourself without the help of any sort. Unfortunately, there is a group of users, who don’t believe that it is that easy and they tend to complicate everything, making almost everything more difficult than it really is. The same thing concerns our tools. Despite the fact we already assured you that it is incredibly easy and fast to use our services, you still keep coming back with a question how to use our software. That is why the following article will answer this question very thoroughly and we will take your hand and lead you from each and every single step, so you won’t get lost on the way.

First things first – how to launch it?

In order to start using software prepared by, it is essential for you to fully understand where to get our applications. There is one checked and verified way of getting our tools and it is from our page. In order to make sure that there will be no spyware, malware, or any other infected file, we decided to put all our application on private servers. To access them, you have to click the article, where we thoroughly described selected application and then click the link. There are two mirrors available for you. Thanks to that, you don’t have to worry about any dangers or things like that. Once you find the tool for your game and it is launched, you can finally start getting your currency and other features!

Type in your goodies

Before you do anything, you will be asked to enter values of currencies you are interested in getting. You can give any number you desire of both standard and premium currency. What’s more, check all the boxes with additional features if you are interested with them. Thanks to that you can enjoy all the lockable functions in the game by purchasing and unlocking everything – new items, new boosts, and other novelties! Once you type in your resources, you have to click “generate” button. It will move you to the second stage of hacking the game.

Now, locate your account

There are hundreds of thousands of accounts in the game and in order to find the one you wish to boost, it is required to insert some data. However, you don’t have to worry! You just need to type in your account name. There is no need for giving us your password, entering e-mail account (unless the account name is in fact your e-mail address). You can be sure that we are not going to share any information with anyone. It is used strictly for one purpose – to find your account.

Once you enter your name, you can move on to the next thing, which is specifying which platform and operating system you are using from. Usually you just choose iOS or Android, depending what telephone or tablet you got. If it is one of iPhones, iPads, or other products issued by Apple company, then you choose iOS. If; however, your mobile phone is from another make, let’s say Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, etc., then you choose “Android” operating system.

Prove yourself

After inserting all the data and choosing the right platform, you will have to verify that you are a human being. It usually takes several minutes. Once you do that, you don’t have to worry about anything, because now our cheating tool will generate goodies. That’s all! Now you know how to use our software! It is that simple! You don’t have to do anything else! We hope that now you know how to use our software.